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Sodium Hydrosulphite

Sodium Hydrosulphite

Product Description

Sodium Hydrosulphite (88% / 85%), also known as Sodium Dithionite, is used for water treatment, gas purification, cleaning, and stripping. Sodium Hydrosulphite can also be used in industrial processes as a sulfonating agent or a sodium ion source. The Sodium Hydrosulphite can be availed from us at affordable prices.


  • Textile, leather, food, polymers, photography, and many other industries
  • Sodium Hydrosulphite’s wide use is attributable to its low toxicity LD50 at 5 g/kg


Molecular formula NA2S2O4
Molar mass 174.107 g/mol white to grayish crystalline powder
Density 2.19 g/cm3, solid
Melting point 52 oC, 325 K, 126 oF
Boiling point Decomposes
Solubility in water very soluble

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